The Planets: Part I

“The Planets” sub-page under the “The Solar System” page has now been complete and updated with pictures and additional information. Part I includes the terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars! See the page here.

4 thoughts on “The Planets: Part I

      • I am pleased to follow your blog. Fascinating material. The universe is home to our soul, it is a shame more people don’t know it. They feel it, they just don’t recognize the connection. I think people of the past were more aware than people of today, thank you.

      • Hi Penny,
        Thank you for commenting on and following my blog. You have brilliant thoughts. It is very true that most people do not know about or do not take the time to learn about the Universe. It is very interesting that people of the past took the time to prepare for the future, while today, people live in the present and ignore the consequences of their future.

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