Pyramids, Planets: Alignment!

Giza pyramids and the three planets (Mercury, Venus, Saturn) aligned

On December 3, 2012, the planets Mercury, Venus, and Saturn will align with the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. This will be the first planetary/pyramid alignment in 2,737 years! Now, the three Giza pyramids are also in perfect alignment with the three stars of Orion’s belt. In 1983, Robert Bauval proposed this Orion correlation theory and published this idea in Discussions in Egyptology in 1989. The Giza pyramids were built in the 3rd millennium B.C. The alignment is very curious. Could the Egyptians have built the Giza pyramids that way on purpose?

Giza pyramids and Orion’s Belt aligned

27 thoughts on “Pyramids, Planets: Alignment!

    • You can see the three planets, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, anywhere on December 5 lined up as the Egyptian pyramids are on the ground. But you won’t see the pyramids if you’re not in Egypt of course! You will just see the planets in the pattern that the three Giza pyramids were built in.

    • Set your calendar for December 5th! πŸ˜€ And when that day comes, just go outside when it’s almost dark and and try to locate as the sun sets the three planets: Mercury, Venus, and Saturn.

  1. We are living in a time when the heavens are being made anew which automatically affects life on Earth. It’s to bad that the common lay person cannot read the stars anymore. Just think our bodies are made of stardust so we are in the stars and the stars in us. Now we know why astrology was important to the ancients.

    • True. We’re made out of stardust, yet the increasing amount of light pollution and remains of fossil fuel burning is preventing people from seeing the stars. That’s why we need to preserve the study of the stars. Now, astrology is the a belief system that connects astronomical events and events in daily life (horoscopes), while astronomy is the actual scientific study of the Universe. So although the ancients studied both astronomy and astrology, this blog is solely dedicated to astronomy.

      • The ancients were holistic in their approach to life. They were a right hemispheric thinking culture. They understood what we moderns fail to understand that the universe is both subjective and objective. The objective side of stellar and planetary phenomenon was called astronomy and the subjective side was called astrology. One only has to look at the zodiac in the temple of Dendra to know that indeed the ancients understood the subjective effects of star and planetary movements. In the ancient world mathematics was related to astrology in fact astrologers were known as mathematicians. We marvel at their achievements but reject their methods. Astronomy is of no use if it does not connect us to the greater universe. One only has to understand the relationship between our earth and the sun and moon. Both have tremendous effects on life on earth. We get our power of reflection because the sun reflects the light of the sun.

      • The ancients did indeed view the Universe both subjectively and objectively. In fact, it wasn’t until the Scientific Revolution, or the “Age of Reason” in the 1600s that astronomy and astrology were separated. But the perception of the Universe also differs among individuals and cultures. Some view astronomy and astrology closely related, with astronomical events determining the course of life, while others remained true to only astronomy. I guess what I meant is that now, astronomers only look to the past for the astronomy side of the astronomy/astrology studies. Only in history classes do we consider the links between astrology and astronomy. For me, astrology is philosophy and astronomy is science. Of course, today, people regard astronomy more widely than astrology. Astronomy can be backed by evidence, while studies on astrology can rarely prove anything. This is why the scientific community has rejected astrology and named it a pseudoscience. But as you said, we cannot forget the contributions astrologers have made throughout the years to astronomy!

    • Truth is, we don’t know if the pyramids were built that way on purpose or by coincidence. Perhaps the ancient civilizations were smarter than we are now. Such a huge mystery in astronomy. πŸ˜€

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