History of Astronomy

ASTRONOMY is the study of all matter and energy in the Universe. Astronomy impacts our history, psychology, beliefs, feelings, and culture.

Earth –> Solar System –> Milky Way Galaxy –> Galaxies –> Super Galaxies –> Universe

  • Time and space born 14 billion years ago in the “Big Bang”
  • The Universe is expanding and cooling from primordial soup
  • Early on, the Universe was so hot that even atoms could not exist; a sea of elementary particles
  • Earth is a roughly spherical planet that orbits around a typical star in the middle outskirts of a typical galaxy among billions of galaxies

Prehistory: the “WHAT” through observations of the rhythms and cycles of nature and the sky

Early History: the “HOW” through plausible explanations to explain these phenomena with systematic observations and philosophical and aesthetic perspectives

Modern History: the “WHY” through scientific investigations, experiments, and systematic measurements

Post-Modern History

8 thoughts on “History of Astronomy

  1. Hello Tina, you have created a great site for a great subject, well done indeed! I am looking forward to reading the rest of your work and to your future posts. My best wishes, James 🙂

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